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Tax Planning

You could let a chain store create a tax strategy for you. But you’ll always wonder if they have your interests at heart. Why should they care about your business when you’re just a number walking through the door.

At CareCPA we’re invested in your business. Our clients come by referrals and word of mouth. That means your success is our success. It’s important to create customized strategies that help you reach your goals. When you hire us, we’ll give you reasons to tell others about your experience.


You don’t just walk into a store and do tax planning. It’s an involved process. If you want it done right you need a credible CPA who really wants to help. That’s why Kara and I spend time up front with you. We’ll discuss your unique business structure and any concerns you have. Then, together, we’ll map out strategies that make sense for you.


  • Licensed CPAs
  • Invested advisors
  • Custom strategies
  • A plan for success


You need someone who cares as much about your success as you do. Anything less is paying someone to work against you. At CareCPA we work for you and with you to plan your taxes and create personalized strategies that support you through your growth.




What all is included?

Tax planning involves working together with your CPA to get to know each other and your business. When you work with us, we’ll ask you questions to help us find the best ways to save you money and set you up for future success.

What do you need from me?

To create a useful strategy for you, we’ll need to talk with you and get familiar with your business, operations, and structure. This is an intimate look at how things work and how they can be improved to get you the best results.

How does the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect me?

Each business is different, but we’re happy to run an analysis for you to make sure you don’t get hit with a big payment surprise at the end of the year. Talk to us to make sure you have the right business structure to take advantage of your tax situation.

How does this make life easier?

You don’t have to plan for tax time. You can “play it by ear” and see how it goes. In our experience that’s a good way to lose money fast. A good strategy can be the difference in losing thousands or stashing extra away for your growth.

care cpa certified public accountant

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