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Entrepreneurs face some of the toughest financial challenges. You have income from different sources – Knives on Amazon, Udemy courses, ebooks, dolls on Etsy. And you invest in opportunities in the hopes they might pan out. You have money coming in, money going out, and your books are messier than the mountain of ideas in your head.

With online business, everything constantly changes and the problem is, it’s hard to keep your money straight. Chances are, you’re not an accountant. To make matters worse, most accountants aren’t trained to support online businesses. So they get frustrated, overwhelmed. They quit early and leave you hanging, wondering where things stand, praying you don’t get audited.

At CareCPA we know the unique challenges  of entrepreneurship because we are entrepreneurs just like you.


Is to help you grow your business without pulling your hair out trying to “do accounting.”


To be a good accountant you have to like what you do. Weirdly, Kara and I are probably the only two people in the world who enjoy accounting. I got my start in a regional public firm, but it left me unfulfilled. I wanted to focus more on tax planning and go beyond filing basic forms after it was too late to help my clients.

So Kara and I decided to launch our own practice. Both CPAs with degrees in International Business, and two decades of combined experience, we set off like there was no tomorrow. It was a big leap into the unknown, but we had to try.

At first we really struggled. It was hard to get customers. We worked with anyone who’d give us the time of day. But we stuck with it. Eventually we got referrals and began to grow. Soon we had a full calendar of repeat business.

Today we work with entrepreneurs all over the United States. We help our clients with everything from general accounting to tax planning, and even fully outsourced CFO services to lift the burden from your shoulders.


Big accounting firms tend to work with the biggest businesses. So they aren’t intimately familiar with the struggles of entrepreneurship. That disconnect can cause small business owners to waste time and money on services that aren’t a good fit.

Kara and I focus on entrepreneurs because it gives us a real sense of fulfillment. We get to know you and your business, and grow alongside you. We care about your success because we’ve been through the grind and we know how tough it can be.


Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are just starting out while others are established. Whatever stage your business is at, CareCPA has services to help you grow. From bookkeeping to fully Outsourced CFO packages, there’s always an affordable option that’s right for you.


“Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with. It seems he is available almost 24 hours a day to answer my questions, either by call or instant message. He responds to emails quickly and always keeps me in the loop if there is something I need to take care of on my end. As a founder, there are a million things I have to take care of and the last thing I want to do is worry about accounting – Chris understands that and it’ been a huge relief knowing that he is on top of things. I would recommend him to any startup or small business owner.” Pace Pendleton, Recruita.com

care cpa certified public accountant

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